About Us



Bizroutes.com is a commercial route marketplace, where buyers can sell their routes and buyers can find routes for sale. The company's mission is to create a space for both buyers and sellers of business opportunities in the route market space. Biz Routes offers an online platform that allows users to find or sell or trade their businesses on our website. Biz routes is short for business routes which gets to the point, with a team of experts in the route we know routes whether you are looking to buy a route or just browse the market bizroutes.com is your go to platform, we welcome you to join our newsletter where we share all kind of knowledge, like how to start your own route from vending machines ideas to landscaping routes we will share amazing articles of tips and ideas , we also write about which softwares will work best with what and weekly updates on new listings for sale, even if you not ready to buy a route it's great to see what is selling to get a better idea for that day.