Where commercial routes end and yours begin,
Find routes for sale today!

Where commercial routes end and yours begin,
Find routes for sale today!

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What are routes for sale?

Commercial routes is a business just like any other business, but routes are more scalable is a way, they require less expenses then your average business, you don’t need to pay the Extra bills that you would usually pay operation out of a store front, like electricity, gas bill and other bills a business will have, but will have to handle expenses like truck insurance and fuel and parking fees.

Commercial routes play a big part in our economy, they are what connects the customer to the businesses, take for a example your favorite fast food restaurant, like a Spanish restaurant or even a delicatessen. These business need to be fully stocked, from making sure there refrigerators are full to having enough cases of eggs to make your favorite egg sandwich in the morning, business owners have alot to deal with through out the day from making sure all employees are in on time to handling customers as soon as the doors open so they don’t have that much time to go to wholesales and other places ... to buy inventory for these business…. so they deal with commercial route owners, or another word may be distributors, route owners can come directly to the store to take the order or they can take the order over the phone, either or.
You can purchase many types of routes from distribution products to wholesale foods or you can delivery packages like buying a FedEx route and even a service based business like a mobile car wash where you go to clients and wash there vehicles or trucks and get paid. Here are some Benefits of owning a route..
Scalable: more often a route business can be operated by your self depending on the type of industry you choose to buy, when operated by your self you keep majority of the profits.
Expandable: once you acquired a route, you are your own boss, you can decide to keep growing your route business or you can continue the business that was sold to you, but 9 out of 10 you will definitely try to grow it larger by getting more customers and even expanding to more trucks and employees.
Sellable: once you grew your route larger you can sell it then for a higher price, your route can become twice the size you purchased, say you purchased it with only 75 customers and now you have 200 customers that will make it worth more then the price you brought it for!
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